st paddy's day

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bueno Victory

Tonight I had a big personal victory. I had a meeting with our outreach pastor at Corner Bakery so we had dinner. I had planned for it within my points and even figured out half of my favorite chicken pomodoro panini was the same number of points as half of the bavarian ham. I was quite satisfied. Once I got home Brad wanted to run errands but had not eaten dinner. We went by Taco Bueno. Oh it was hard. They have my most favorite mucho nachos. But...they ate 35 points-ish...and I was already satisfied. AND I would feel miserable afterward. So, I had a lemonade and enjoyed the company of my husband without giving into the temptation. While I haven't been 100 % game on this week, but I have tracked everything. And it hasn't been wheels Saturday might be one pound? I hope!

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