st paddy's day

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Has Arrived

June has arrived and so has consistent 90 degree weather here in Plano. Still walking about 25 miles a week to keep up with my 3-day training - my Italian color is really coming through. Today I went out to check the garden and my hydrangeas are beautiful:

(these dates are wrong - this was from 6/1/09)

I also checked out the vegetable garden and the green beans are blooming:
I need to read up more on these beans...I don't know what I am doing. I just go out every few days to see them growing. I am guessing now that they are bush beans and not pole beans because they do not have any tendrils and are not trying to climb at all. A bit of a bummer because I was really hoping for that.

And the potatoes are in full bloom, meaning they are heavily producing tasty tubers! Yum! Roasted potatoes here we come!

The Yukon Gold are doing much better than the Red Bliss and the only difference is that the YG were seed potatoes from North Haven Gardens and the RB were potatoes from Walmart that I let sprout on the counter. The RB were probably sprayed with some kind of something to keep them from growing too opinion only. But we will see who is the true winner when it comes to harvesting. (in September) That seems so far away!

Another beauty is our landscape are the Hostas. They have started flowering this year.

I have not liked them much in prior years but I am starting to think it is because I did nothing for them. This year they are set up on the same soaker hose as the hydrangeas and I water every other day. They are flourishing and almost taking over the azaleas which I hope will flower more next year after I can help them produce more branches and foliage this year.

The parsley that I planted from seed is absolutely obscene now:
The worst part is that I have absolutely no idea of what to do with it since using it for garnish would not be my idea of everday dinner cooking. Any ideas?

Last but not least, we have several yellow blooms on 3 of our 6 tomato plants. We still have two tomatoes growing on the Bush Goliath plant. I check them daily to make sure that they have not started to turn yellow or even red.
This week I am going to finally net this garden so that we do not lose any of our precious tomatoes to the birds. They seem to be especially prevalent this year but I have been very diligent about mowing the yard every week. I must be giving them plenty of opportunities for bug seeking...well, that is what Brad tells me.