st paddy's day

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Biking to Better Health

I have made it 3 weeks in a row to my WW meetings, 10.5 miles each way. I am trying new things each week. I am a little frustrated with Waterview. I have to make a left turn onto it at 8:00 in the morning and can't seem to get a green light no matter if I go to the Renner or the Synergy Park Blvd intersection. They are evidently on weight sensors and are not heavily travelled that early in the morning by cars. Another cyclist passed me while I was sitting at the red light one morning and made the comment that it was not going to change for me and proceeded to run the red. I have a real problem with this because, as cyclists, we are supposed to follow the rules of the road...granted the cars keep trying to share my lane is not exactly what I call following road rules. They would never think of trying to share a lane with a motorcycle. So, I have started riding in the center of the lane for the most part in the areas where I have trouble with lane sharing. But, this past Saturday, an older lady decided she wanted to be at the light with me and it was extremely disconcerting as I thought she was going to run over my foot that was on the road.

But, all in all, after my 7 weeks of cycling, I have lost over 13 pounds and am going strong. I am pushing for another 13 by Labor Day. I can do it!!