st paddy's day

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Tomato

Last week I decided that I no longer wanted to share my strawberries with the birds. I put out bird netting on the strawberry/lettuce/watermelon patch.

One week later (tonight) I went out to check for some strawberries for breakfast:

And happened upon the first tomato growing on the Goliath Bush Tomato plant:

I also noticed that the green beans that I planted last Tuesday have started coming up:

But the biggest thing out in the garden right now is the lettuce and the potato plants. They are HUGE!

I am very excited to make more salad tomorrow. I am worried that we have a short time period before it gets too hot here in the Dallas area and the lettuce will wilt and die. I am also trying to harvest as many spring onions as we can eat as often as possible to make more room for the full-size onions. Oh the harvest!