st paddy's day

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inaugural Street Ride

So, I set out on my inaugural stree ride today. 20 minutes out and only 10 back. What does that tell me? Uphill on the way out. I knew it was uphill out of the neighborhood...didn't realize that it was uphill out of East Plano. So, I only made it to Renner and 190. But, I didn't want to overdo it today. After all, my bike is not fully prepared to go that far. I did bring my cell phone (in case of problems), my keys (to get back into the house) and my license (for the coroner to identify the body in case one of the 1o motorists I saw decided I was roadkill). I did find out several things but came up with even more questions. Cyclists are extremely friendly people. I saw many of them out riding and all were extremely friendly. I did realize the importance of a rearview/sideview mirror when I went to make the U-turn on Renner to head back. I need to know whether, as a cyclist, we are supposed to use those arm turn signals that we learned back when we learned to drive a car. I also learned, thankfully, that I am not as heavy as a car. However, this does create problems when the lights only changed based on the weight in the lanes at the intersection...had to sit through 2 red lights at 14th and Shiloh. Otherwise, a very good ride...not nearly as much coasting as I thought, but definitely a learning experience. My goal is to get to Central Richardson (10.5 miles) for my 9:30 Weight Watchers meeting by bicycle. Maybe in a few weeks after a few trips to Bike Mart...I should ride there!!!