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Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Planting Day

Yesterday was Spring planting season at our house. The seqoia strawberries looked especially inviting this year. After looking all of my perennials to the great burmuda invasion of 2011, we have decided to raise the vegetable beds 2 feet off of the ground this year.
This was a might feat, but the design and build was brainchaild of my dear husband. In addition to the raising, we have also added latticework as one of our new puppy additions was a little too curious about the onions that were planted 4 weeks ago. While we missed the official planting dates for potatoes, we have planted some Yukon Gold and Red Norland potatoes in whiskey barrels that we picked up at Lowe's. They are actually from Lynchburg, Tennessee which is really awesome as we visited that distillery on our honeymoon. In the next row, I have planted Canteloupe and Yellow straightneck squash from seed that I purchased from Homestead Heritage in Waco at an awesome price.

The next row over is my strawberries. My prior patch was a 5 year old 4 ft x 8 ft patch that I was very happy to pick from all spring and early summer long. However, between the bermuda grass invasion and the drought of last summer, I lost all of my plants. So, this year, I am giving the new patch a head start. I planted 20 plants, 12 sequoia and 8 Everlast. In addition I planted 20 crowns of Ozark Beauty. It is always important to plant new crowns every year as most plants become spent after 5 years.

The next row over is the Tomato and Jalapeno Junction. This year I have planted 2 Bonnie Jalapeno plants. For the tomatoe, I have chosen 2 Celebrity, 2 Better Boy, 1 Indigo Rose, and 1 Defiant Tomato, all from North Haven Gardens. (I also purchased the strawberry plants here as well. They have the best varieties, prices, and staff, so I make the drive 2-3 times/season. I was too impatient for my Jalapeno plants which is why I ended up at Lowes.

The last 2 beds are onions that actually came back up from last year. We transplanted the Yellow Granex slips and they have been thriving after we stopped the dog from pulling them out. In the adjacent bed, we have planted Scarlet Nantes Carrots from seed (also purchased at Homestead Heritage). I also pulled up and trimmed the rosemary and thyme plants to fit in this bed as well.

Now, all that is left is soaker hoses, and I'm headed to do that now.

Happy Gardening!

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